Structural Accessories

Adding structural accessories to your conservatory can create architectural appeal. The elements often reflect traditional conservatory design. The most commonly used accessories are lanterns and dormers. Both elements will enlarge the square footage of the conservatory and help to create a distinct design.

conservatory structural accessories


Dormers are architectural elements that project from a roof. They typically begin at the ridge line or in the middle of the roof. Multiple dormers can be used with a long span or on each side of a conservatory.conservatory with dormer
A traditional conservatory appearance can be achieved, by incorporating the following on a dormer:

  • A gable rake can be added to the front perimeter.
  • Grids can be utilized on the gable with numerous patterns available.
  • A Palladian arch can be incorporated.
  • Ridge cresting can adorn the ridge of the dormer, with a finial at the peak. 

conservatory with lantern


A lantern can be located on top of a conservatory’s roof. The lantern can span the entire length of the roof or occupy a small section. Lanterns can feature a hip end, conservatory nose or double pitch configuration. If the eave is high enough, the glass can be operable to allow for additional ventilation. The goal of a lantern is two fold: to allow additional light into the conservatory and to create a decorative design element.


conservatory with vestibule

 Entryway or Vestibule

An entryway or vestibule can offer storage or simply provide a wind break to make the conservatory more comfortable.