Specialty Conservatories

Industrial Revival Conservatory exterior Industrial Revival

Industrial Revival Conservatories evoke the aesthetic of the late 1800’s Industrial Revolution, when advances in technology brought steel and glass structures into popularity.

During that time period, these conservatories were used for propagating out of season plants. This unique aesthetic is growing in popularity, with Solar adding a modern twist of utilizing aluminum framing instead of steel.

Unlike the conservatories of yesteryear, the aluminum framing will not rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. This factor is especially important in moist environments, such as greenhouses and pool enclosures.

Through design and engineering, Solar is able to achieve the aesthetic of steel with durable aluminum framing. Aluminum’s malleability allows columns, webbed trusses, and caps to be cast and incorporated into a conservatory’s design, without the negative aspects of steel framing.

Industrial Revival Conservatory interior


Ogee conservatory side view

 Ogee Conservatories

An Ogee style conservatory is a unique configuration that few manufacturers have the ability to produce properly. To ensure quality, Solar has brought bending capabilities in-house, further demonstrating a dedication to vertical integration.

Ogee configurations are named in reference to the roof’s shape, which features inverted curved eaves, comes to a peak, and is capped off with a finial. This shape is also sometimes referred to as an “S-curve” or an “ogee curve.” Inside, the conservatory’s trusses are used to support the roof.

When grids and decorative base panels are incorporated, the design presents a traditional feel, and when no ornamentation is added, the conservatory evokes a minimalist aesthetic.

elevated Ogee conservatory NYC

This project was featured on an episode of DIY’s hit TV show Million Dollar Contractor.