Conservatory Security

Solar recognizes that security is a high priority when purchasing a conservatory. Our products have specialized features to create a more secure glazed structure.

  • The use of tempered glass is a conservatory’s main security feature; intruders cannot simply break a window with a blunt object. The weak points of the glass are at the non-accessible edges, which are hidden by silicone and behind a metal cap. Glass does not shatter when struck with a rock, brick, or baseball bat; in fact, an average person cannot produce enough force on their own to break tempered glass.

conservatory with tempered glass to provide security

  • Solar Innovations, Inc.’s conservatories do not use exterior fasteners. By eliminating their use, Solar’s glazing bars are secured.  Several steps, including the deglazing of the conservatory would have to be executed in order to enter the conservatory without a key. The long, arduous process is a deterrent in and of itself. If the system’s glazing is still a concern, Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide impact specific glazing which can withstand hurricane force winds and impacts.
  •  Doors feature semi-concealed hinges that cannot be removed from the exterior. All components are located on the interior of the conservatory, preventing any unwanted guests from removing the door hinges to invade your home.