Ornate Conservatories

Skylights and Lanterns

conservatory with lantern

Traditional conservatory designs can be applied to other product lines offered by Solar Innovations, Inc. For example, decorative skylights are typically found in residential homes, universities, and cultural centers such as music halls. Solar can design and manufacture skylights in many variations including: double pitch, hip end, dome, flat, bull nose, and other custom configurations that create a conservatory-like aesthetic.

Finials and ridge cresting may be included in the skylight for a more decorative appearance. The conservatory skylights can also incorporate a lantern into their design, creating a classic feel and drawing attention to the skylight. If the lantern is large enough, operable windows can be added to assist in ventilation.


Canopies and Walkways

conservatory canopyCanopies and walkways are functional structures that provide protection from the outside elements. A canopy is attached to a building, supported by posts, and has no vertical walls. Canopies provide overhead protection to users from the elements. In contrast, walkways are entirely enclosed and used to join two buildings.

These structures are typically a feature of contemporary design; however, with the addition of a few decorative elements, a walkway can achieve a traditional conservatory aesthetic. Ridge cresting and finials can be added to the roof line, grids can be included in the glazing, and lanterns can be utilized in the design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure. .