Conservatory Interior Design

A common concern of home owners is that their conservatory will not get enough use to justify the investment. This tends to be the case if the conservatory remains unfurnished. Conservatories are a considerable investment and the interior layout should be an investment as well. You should not create a unique conservatory and leave the interior blank.conservatory interior design

The interior layout of a conservatory is typically determined by the space’s intended function. What is the conservatory’s main purpose? Will it serve as a play room for children or a space for entertaining dinner parties? Solar Innovations, Inc. has in-house conservatory designers who will work with you to create a sensible layout. Multiple floor plans can be created to demonstrate different options. Our designers will assess your needs and then put together different options, and floor plans for your conservatory.

There is not set conservatory style. The following are design suggestions to consider:


conservatory interior design layout

Formal Conservatory

  • Rich colors
  • Queen Anne Legs
  • Sofa with rolled arms
  • Mahogany furniture


 Classic English Look

  • Wicker furniture
  • Rattan or cane materialsconservatory floor plan
  • Wrought iron table with glass top
  • Pastel colors


Modern Conservatory

  • Straight line furniture
  • Neutral colors with splashes of primary hues
  • Glass top tables
  • Acrylic chairs