Heating and Cooling

Snow Covered ConservatoryHeating

Depending upon your location, it may be necessary to include a heat source to ensure year-round enjoyment of your conservatory. Customers often tie attached conservatories into the existing HVAC system, but you will need to consult with your original HVAC installer to ensure the system can handle the added load. If you are unable, either by size or by location, to tie into an existing system, radiant heat may be an option.  Because radiant heat is placed in the concrete slab of flooring this decision must be made very early in the conservatory design.  When radiant heat is included in the floor, unsightly duct work and heating units are eliminated.  Solar Innovations, Inc. can also provide a conservatory heating system which can be incorporated upon request.

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Coolingcentral air systems are beneficial for keeping a conservatory cool

Although Solar’s conservatories are designed with natural ventilation in mind, often providing a cooling system in the design of your conservatory will enhance its year-round use. Like heating, Solar can work with your HVAC professional to integrate your central cooling system into the conservatory with ease.  Radiant cooling or evaporative cooling can also be incorporated to address both temperature and humidity within your conservatory.