Gable Pediments

conservatory gable pediments

Gable pediments also known as “Palladian arches,” are applied to the triangular gable of a conservatory. The most common designs include a half round arch, with rays extending from the arch. The radius and number of rays are all customized to meet the aesthetics of the individual conservatory. Grid work can be used to create a pediment or a true division mullion.


conservatory cross tieRing and Collars are structural elements often utilized in conservatories. A cross tie extends from the ridge line of a conservatory and intersects with the ties spanning the eave. Historic conservatories used this method of construction and it remains as a common element in today’s conservatories. An appliqué can be applied to the ring to provide a decorative appearance. Baskets with plants are can be hung from the unit.


conservatory king post


A king post extends from the apex of inclined rafters to the tie beam between the rafters at their lower ends.