Conservatory Finishes

Standard Finish

Many paint finish options are available for Solar’s conservatories. A painted finish is suitable for residential jobs and light commercial projects. The finish will withstand exposure to the elements and resists dents and scratches. Custom colors can be created in a high quality fluoropolymer paint finish.


Cladding is often added to the exterior of a conservatory to increase aesthetic appeal. Copper cladding is a popular addition to historically styled conservatories. Stainless Steel cladding is appropriate for a modern conservatory and coastal applications as it does not corrode. The cladding can encompass all framing or only specific areas.


An Anodized finish is best suited for commercial projects and those near salt water. These applications are prone to scratching and corrosion, which Anodized finishes are designed to withstand.  Anodized finishes are bonded into the frame, making them more durable..

Standard ColorsStandard Color Choices

Faux Wood Powder CoatFaux Wood Powder Coat Finishes

Anodized Colors

Anodized Color Choices

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