Conservatory Door and Panel Options

conservatory terrace door

Terrace and French Door

Terrace doors are single swing door units, while French doors are a set of double doors. Door height can be adjusted to accommodate large plants or equipment. Units can be hinged left or right and swing in or out. Sizes and operation are custom designed to suit the needs of your structure. The doors are constructed out of aluminum with insulated double pane glass.


conservatory stacking doors

Stacking Doors

A stacking wall is a door option which allows two or three sides of a structure to open without any posts obstructing the view. Individual door panels operate on a track and can make turns if necessary. The panels then stack into a recess, or against a wall, to create an opening.


conservatory folding doorsFolding Doors

Folding walls, also known as accordion or bi-fold doors, allow unobstructed openings. When fully open, doors stack against each other, perpendicular to the wall. Screens can also be incorporated. Doors can fold in or out with the option of individual swing doors.

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conservatory sliding doors


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, or patio doors as they are sometimes called, are a common feature of conservatories. The doors slide on a track and stack behind a fixed panel. Sliding doors are also the most cost effective option. When fully open, a 3′-4′ panel remains in view.



All Glass Option

conservatory door - Full View Panel optionThis configuration utilizes a full glass panel, allowing the maximum amount of light available into the room. This design accentuates modern, simplistic, and contemporary styles.

Full Grids Optionconservatory door - full Grid Panel option

This configuration consists of grids spread throughout the entire door panel. Muntins (grids between glass) make doors easy to clean, while SDLS (exterior and exterior) provide visual depth.

Grid and Base Panel Optionconservatory door - grid and base panel option

This configuration provides a very traditional door appearance. A raised base panel is located on the bottom of the door, typically 36″ tall. Above the panel are grids, available in patterns shown.

Dutch Doors conservatory Dutch Doors

A Dutch door consists of two individual panels, stacked atop one another. Each panel operates independently. The bottom panel can be closed and the top open, which allows for ventilation while preventing children and pets from exiting.

Arch Top Doorconservatory arch top door

An arch top door features a rounded frame that is entirely operable. The majority of door manufacturers offer a square door with an arched transom that does not open.