Decorative Grids and Molding

Decorative grids create a sense of elegance of any conservatory. Grids are available in five varieties: Ogee, Traditional, Low Profile, and Colonial. These designs can be used in any vertical glass: standard bays, fixed and operable windows, doors, folding glass walls, and transom bays. Certain door and window systems can only accept low profile grids.


SDLs and Muntins

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers two grid types, Simulated Divided Lights (SDL’s) and Muntins; each with their own purpose. SDL’s mimic historic grids with three components. The first grid is attached to the exterior of the window, the second is placed between the panes, and the third is fixed to the window’s interior. This system emulates historic windows, which featured one solid grid with panes of glass fitted inside the frame.

Muntins are located between the glass panels, inside the air space. Windows with muntins are easier to clean because the grid is inside the glass, leaving a smooth window surface. It is recommended that tall conservatories with hard to reach areas, use muntins. If the conservatory will be used for growing plants, muntins are also recommended, due to soil build-up from plants.


conservatory grid details

Decorative Molding

Decorative molding creates a distinguished appearance in a conservatory. There are numerous molding profiles available which can be utilized on rafters, sills, and eaves in your conservatory. The addition of molding will enhance a conservatory’s appearance and add sophistication to the room.


conservatory decorative molding options


Classic conservatories feature grilles in ceilings, walls, and floors. Architectural grilles are often ornate in appearance and serve numerous purposes. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers three standard grille styles: circular, quaterfoil, and motion, with custom patterns are available upon request. Family names or initials can be incorporated into grilles to further customize conservatories. Solar’s grilles are made of aluminum, which will not rot, warp, or rust.

Grilles are commonly incorporated as access panels, which can be used to disguise the mechanics belonging to a conservatory’s electrical system. Traditional registers and returns can be incorporated into the conservatory for heating and cooling units. Conservatories utilized for growing plants or as spa enclosures require floor drainage.

conservatory decorative grills