Conservatory Shading Options



traditional conservatory pinoluem blinds Pinoleum blinds are the most common variety of shades used in conservatories. Pinoleum blinds are available for roof and/or wall applications and can be fitted to accommodate specialty shaped glass. The shade system allows light to enter the conservatory, while blocking heat and reducing glare. Pinoleum blinds are available in manual or motorized operating systems and a variety of colors. The shades are constructed from individual wooden slats woven together.
pleated gravity fed conservatory shades Pleated gravity fed shades are typically used on sloped roofs or walls in a Roman fold style. Shades are mounted to the interior of the glass roof and are operated with a motor or manual pull cord.
wide span horizontal conservatory shades  Wide span horizontal shades are used to span the eave lines of a conservatory. These blinds are designed in a Roman fold style with various fabric, color, and texture options available. When extended, the shades trap heat in the ridge, allowing the living space to remain cooler. On cool winter days, the shades can be retracted to allow additional sunlight into the conservatory for passive heating purposes.
Solar R conservatory blinds Solar R blinds are attached to the roof line of a conservatory. This system is available in pleated or flat varieties and each fabric has an aluminum backing that reflects solar heat and reduces heat gain in the conservatory.
L Series Perfect® Fit Blinds Perfect Fit® blinds are attached to operable sashes that allow the blinds to move with the unit as it operates. The blinds are available in roller, pleated, and cellular styles. L Series blinds provide increased privacy and insulation because they have a smaller gap between the glass and edge of the blinds when compared to traditional systems.