Conservatory Posts and Columns

conservatory columnThe addition of columns and posts to a conservatory can add Victorian charm. Historically, conservatories utilized columns for structural support. An aluminum conservatory, however, supports itself and does not require the use of columns for support. Instead, columns can be added for their aesthetic value.

Most columns used on conservatories are pilasters, or half of a column, directly attachedconservatory post to the conservatory wall. Solar utilizes different column styles in each conservatory. Typically, the format follows the Doric order.

Columns can be one of seven standard colors, feature custom colors, or cladding can  be applied to the pilasters. The shaft of the column is created in a squared-off, half round, or fluted format. A plinth may also be added to the unit. Different capital options are always available. The columns may be placed on the exterior or interior, be full height, or sit atop a knee wall.

Gutters and Downspouts

gutters and downspouts