Conservatory Hybrids


conservatory atrium hybridAn atrium conservatory blends traditional framing, a glass roof, and windows with conventionally constructed walls. Various materials can be utilized to complement the framing such as masonry, stucco, or siding.

Solar manufactures the glass roof (or skylight) and can incorporate windows and operable ridge vents to control the interior climate. Operable window choices include: awning, casement, hopper, pivot, and tilt turn. Window grids further enhance this conservatory’s classic aesthetic.

Finials and ridge cresting create decorative accents on these conservatories. If desired, traditional walls can be designed or altered to include folding glass walls..


conservatory sunroom hybridA Solar Innovations, Inc. sunroom conservatory is designed to meet your desired aesthetic and is often more decorative than a standard sunroom. The room can be an addition or a conversion of an existing space by replacing the roof with a glass roof.

Grids can be integrated into windows, ridge cresting can adorn the structure’s roof line, and/or a Palladian arch can be inserted into a gable end to provide stylistic accents.