Conservatory Grid Options


conservatory radius grid option

A radius configuration is characterized by a half round grid that is located in a upper third of the window. The diameter of the radius will change based on window size.

Double Gothic

conservatory double gothic window grid

Double Gothic grids are very decorative. The design is reminiscent of gothic cathedrals. Single Gothic arches are also available.

English Grid

conservatory english window grid

The English grid design features two horizontal and two vertical grids at off center positions. This design complements arts and craft homes as well as contemporary styled structures.


conservatory traditional window grid

A traditional grid consists of multiple horizontal and vertical divisions. The number of lights typically runs between 3 to 5 both vertically and horizontally.

Cross Grid

conservatory cross window grid

Cross grids create a vertical and a horizontal grid. The vertical grid is typically placed in the upper third of the window. This simple grid style complements a variety of designs.


Decorative Transom Grid Styles

conservatory decorative transom grid styles