Conservatory Functions


entertaining conservatory interior

Conservatories can be used as versatile entertainment spaces. Chairs and built-in benches can be added to a conservatory to create seating areas.

A conservatory provides the ambiance of an outdoor dining area with the advantage of protection from the elements. Extensive views can be experienced with year-round functionality.

The conservatory can play host to numerous gatherings without concerns of inclement weather.



Sport and Aquatic Enclosures

a conservatory as a pool enclosure

A conservatory can be used to enclose a pool or spa for year-round utilization. These enclosures also eliminate the lengthy and sometimes expensive process of winterizing your pool. Air tight entry ways prevent heat loss when the structures are entered or exited.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also offers de-humidifying systems and ventilation systems that can be incorporated to keep the interior environment comfortable during warm months. Custom configurations can be designed to enclose any pool.

Solar Innovations, Inc. also manufactures custom pool houses to accent outdoor pools. These structures can provide space for entertaining, changing rooms, showers, and pool side storage..


conservatory functioning as a greenhouseGreenhouse conservatories are designed with plant growth in mind and typically feature decorative ornamentation and a traditional English style.

The type of plants that a customer wishes to grow will dictate the design of the structure and accessories required.

Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide necessary accessories, such as ridge vents, heaters, fans, evaporative coolers, shades, etc. Cooling, heating, and water systems can be incorporated as well.
Specialty growing environments can be created in a greenhouse conservatory. For example, orchids require a specific climate and light level to thrive. Zones can be created within the conservatory to accommodate various plant species and their ideal environments.

Greenhouse conservatories are useful when propagating tropical trees such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, and kumquat trees. Ornamental flowering trees and plants can also be grown in this type of conservatory, including myrtles, oleanders, and white bird-of-paradise.

Palm greenhouses are similar to citrus greenhouses as they may require multiple zones to mimic a palm tree’s natural growing environment. Solar manufactures benches that are specifically designed to accommodate the height of palm trees.


commercial conservatory

Conservatories can be used for formal and informal dining spaces. The natural light and scenery provides a relaxing place to enjoy meals.

A conservatory can be designed to seamlessly transition into preexisting rooms by implementing matching flooring and decorative elements, such as window grids, molding, and finishes.



Conservatories are a great place for businesses to showcase their products. The natural sunlight entering the space will reduce the need for artificial lighting, cutting costs.

Large glass spans will allow customers to see products from the outdoors, helping to draw them in. Additionally, customers will be able to window shop and see inventory when the location is closed.