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Things to Consider

At Solar Innovations, Inc. we understand that your conservatory is likely a once in a lifetime purchase and often a significant investment.  We recognize that working with a partner you value as an expert and trust will make the process of designing and building your conservatory more enjoyable.
things to consider when purchasing a conservatory

There are many “glass room” manufacturers. Review their credentials and ask questions, a few suggestions are listed below, which should help you find a provider that is right for you.

  1. Conservatory manufacturers can be located in the United States, but manufacture their products internationally. Solar products are made 100% in the U.S.A. Consider which manufacturing location is right for you.
  2. Some manufactures offer the ability to customize conservatory options, while others only offer standard model options. Are you able to select a product from standards, or are you better suited for a manufacture familiar with custom projects?
  3. Many times, conservatory accessories, such as grids, ridge cresting, and finials better match the aesthetic of the conservatory when they are provided by the original manufacturer.
  4. Some conservatory manufacturers offer installation services, or work with dealers that can install their products, while others will require you to find someone to perform the installation. Which scenario is ideal for your situation?
  5. Before purchasing, look at the technical support and service warranties that are available after the installation is complete to ensure you will receive customer support for years to come. After all, your conservatory is a long term investment.
  6. Be sure that the company you select will be around to provide service and support for 20+ years. Review the manufacture’s financial stability. Even run a credit check, if possible.
  7. Visiting local projects and checking references can provide you with working examples of the products and services the company can provide. Talk with former customers. Was the company easy to work with? Are they available for service and support now?
  8. Facilities that are part of the LEED program utilize eco-friendly manufacturing practices that reduce their waste stream. Is this a quality that is important in your decision making process?
  9. Belonging to national trade organizations (such as NGMA, NSA, or NAHB) demonstrates the company is knowledgeable regarding good practices, industry standards, and field trends.